Case Studies - Text integration stories from various sectors

Text Message Server – Case Studies

ProcessFlows has a large and diverse client base, but all with the same issues in common: a desire to make their organisations work more efficiently, speed up their business processes and deliver a more satisfactory experience for staff and customers alike. Over twenty years providing complex business solutions, often as part of an even larger project, has created not just a wealth of experience but a highly-skilled team of business consultants and analysts whose total focus is to support our customers.

Our business has developed and the solutions we implement have changed to fit the needs and requirements of our customers. Generally though, our clients have remained the same. The names might be different, reflecting the consolidation in the market, but we still serve the major banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, commercial organisations of every type and central and local government departments.

Below we have listed a cross-section of our Text Message Server Case Studies, for you to download in pdf format. If you would like further information about any of these, or how we can help your organisation, please contact us.

  • Brockenhurst College – SMS messaging service enables tutors to contact pupils quickly and easily, and also provides a solution to handle incoming enquiries, allowing the college to provide a self-service information option for all students – Click here to view the full Case Study.
  • Castle View School – Texting Success for Instant Communication with Parents – The school has successfully reduced the unauthorised absence rate by combining its electronic registration system with SMS notification of absence – Click here to view the full Case Study.
  • Civica/East Riding of Yorkshire Council – ProcessFlows worked with Civica to create an SMS system so that Council Staff can receive updates via text regarding customer requests and to send SMS reminders to customers with pest control appointments – Click here to view the full Case Study.
  • Royal Free Hospital – Automated SMS system cuts waiting times – Callers are offered 3 appointments over a 48hr period via text, the system then accepts SMS responses and generates an appointment and booking reference – Click here to view the full Case Study.
  • SGP Property & Facilities Management – “Text Message Server has various methods of integration, coupled with the fact that we already use their Fax Server, RightFax, and have received impressive support, it was the obvious option” – Click here to view the full Case Study.
  • Signpost – Housing Association improves management of maintenance team with text messaging – Click here to view the full Case Study.
  • St Christophers Fellowship – Charity uses SMS to facilitate a private and confidential method of communication between staff and service users – Click here to view the full Case Study.

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