Text Message Server - Advanced SMS Feature Set

Text Message Server – Feature Set

Text Message Server has been designed and developed, in-house, over the past 10 years. We believe, as do many of our happy customers, that this is the best, most secure, business SMS solution available. Unlike other offerings, the software runs on your servers, under your control, with a full audit trail. A brief list of features is shown below, but is by no means exhaustive. We can build, or help you to build a business SMS solution to match EXACTLY your specifications. Please contact us to discuss further.

Advanced Features

Our SMS Gateway Solution has a few key features that many other competing products do not:

  • Automatic Failover – This enables delivery of messages when an organisation’s IP (internet) connection fails.
  • Message Groups – Allows sending to multiple recipients. Users can join or leave groups automatically, by sending SMS messages containing keywords like ‘STOP’. The solution also provides simple mail-merge style field insertion into messages.
  • Receiving SMS – Text Message Server allows two-way text messaging via virtual mobile numbers. This is a key feature of our solution as most other SMS Gateways are outbound only.
  • Reporting – Detailed reports can be generated, tracking all areas of SMS usage.

Standard Features

  • Two-way SMS gateway with a choice of IP*, MSISDN* or GSM modem delivery
  • One-off server software cost
  • Email integration as standard (MS Outlook/Lotus Notes/GroupWise/SMTP/etc)
  • Microsoft Outlook Plug-in
  • Client GUI
  • SMS printer driver for integration with all MS Business Objects
  • 3rd Party Integration supporting CSV, XML, Web Services, COM API
  • SQL/SQL Express database
  • Active Directory Integration
  • NT/2000/2003 Authentication
  • OpenText RightFax User Authentication
  • AVST CX-E (CallXpress) Integration
  • Proxy Authentication
  • Sent and Delivered Notification
  • Complete Audit Trail for Compliance
  • Enterprise Reports Utility
  • IP delivery* with competitive SMS rates
  • GMS modem support for IP Failover
  • Mirroring and HA DR systems available
  • Outbound Number Blocking, with accompanying ‘Whitelist’ facility
  • System Generated Message Tracking
  • Automated Replies, triggered by inbound messages
  • Inbound SMS to groups
  • Support for 5 digit Short Codes

* Notes:

  • IP Delivery: Connects your SMS server to our text message relay servers, allowing for delivery of 10,000+ messages in around 7 minutes. Message rates start at a maximum of 6p per text, with discounts applied on a sliding volume scale. Messages can be invoiced monthly or pre-paid.
  • MSISDNs: Also referred to as SMS DDI’s, these are allocated to individual users, giving them a ‘personal’ SMS number for direct two-way messaging.
  • Support & Maintenance: Annual support contracts include access to the ProcessFlows UK helpdesk (Open Mon-Fri from 08.30 to 18.00) and all version releases and Service Packs. 24/7 Support is also available, pricing on request.

More Information

For more information, please see the links in the menu above, or phone us on 01962 835053.