SMS Integration - Text to & from Desktop and/or Back-End Applications

Text Message Server – Integration and SMS APIs

Text Message Server is a server-based, networked solution that allows users to send and receive SMS messages on any email-enabled desktop computer (PC, AppleMac, etc). But that’s not what really sets our solutions apart from the ‘competition’ … what makes Text Message Server stand out, is the fact that it can send and receive text messages from ANY application (email, CRM, ERP, webpages, back-end apps, XML feeds, etc etc) automatically or on demand. A set of SMS APIs are also available for database interrogation and custom interfaces.

  • Email – Text Message Server integrates fully with MS Outlook and Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise and ANY other SMTP email system. Users create and send SMS messages in the same way as they would an email. Incoming SMS messages can be routed to individual email accounts or groups and appear in the email ‘inbox’. MS Outlook users also have the option of using a ‘plug-in’ to browse the Text Message Server contact database (MS Access or SQL) and add names to the SMS recipient list.
  • Contact Databases – Create and send SMS messages to selected/all contacts in applications such as Sales Logix and other CRM solutions.
  • Internet/Extranets/Intranets – Integrating SMS capabilities into your ‘web’pages is SIMPLE, using a standard web form interface. We’ll even provide the code. As an example, we use Text Message Server on a Sharepoint Server platform, to allow staff to send SMS messages directly from a page on the Extranet.
  • Print Driver – ‘Print’ to SMS from any desktop application or XML feed, with multi-line capability to allow sending multiple messages from one document or from a Database.
  • System Alerts – Set ‘back-end’ systems to alert administrators with an SMS when there is a problem – Immediate notification, without the need to use email or other computer systems, which may also be ‘down’.

Google Apps

Text Message Server integrates with Google Apps to bring full SMS integration to the Google Inbox. SMS messages are sent and received from the within individual user’s inbox. For more information and installation instructions, please contact us.

File Processor Module & XML File Parser

These poll a directory for files that are then converted and transmitted as SMS messages – particularly useful for integrators and developers who want to easily “SMS enable” applications. It is also a very easy way to create batch SMS broadcasts. In effect, any software that is able to output simple text or XML files, can send text messages. The XML parser can also handle incoming messages, turning them into XML files for use by 3rd-party applications. Further information is available in a dedicated document, please contact us for details.


For true seamless integration with any 3rd-party software not already covered, we can supply SMS Gateway APIs. These are based around a COM interface that wraps a set of XML-RPC WebServices used by the core TMS system, for inbound and outbound SMS messaging. A sample VB application is provided to demonstrate the use of the main functions. Please contact us for further information or click here to visit the SMS API page.

SMPP Connectivity

Short Message Peer-To-Peer connectivity is used for exchanging SMS messages to and from back-end applications, without the need for an SMS gateway. A continuous connection to ProcessFlows’ relay servers allows for immediate communication. This is also ideal for high volume bulk messaging, where the organisation wishes to handle the database internally.

More Information

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