Whilst Text Message Server integrates with most applications without any need for additional development, we have created additional API’s to allow developers & systems integrators to build bespoke 2-way SMS messaging solutions.

All of our API’s are provided free with unlimited technical support, manned by dedicated product specialist who will be able to provide immediate help.

  • FREE API’S and Sample Code
  • FREE API Technical Support
  • FREE Software Download and FREE 50 Messages for testing
  • TRUSTED PARTNER with over 20 years experience
  • Supporting over 800 Corporate Clients

Text Message Server – COM API

Provides full access to a TMS server installed on your network, uses the Microsoft COM system.

Text Message Server – Web Services API

Provides a wrapper around the COM API and exposes the TMS functionality to any development environment which supports the SOAP Web Services Standard. This includes Microsoft .net, Java and virtually every other modern development platform.

No Software !! – COM API

This provides a basic send and receive functionality to interact with our SMS infrastructure directly, without the need to install a TMS server. The API is based on the Microsoft COM system and contains a lightweight Web Services server that can talk directly to our own UK-based Relay server.

More Information

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