SMS Solutions for Integrated & Automated Text Messaging

SMS Text Messaging Solutions for Business

Whilst Text Message Server integrates with most business applications ‘straight out of the box’, we have not stopped there. Our deep understanding of the Corporate and Public Sector markets has enabled us to develop the software into a number of specialised ‘builds’.

What may be suitable for one organisation may not ‘fit’ with another’s needs and as an SMS application can be used for so many different purposes, we have identified the following markets and looked at how Text Messaging could be of huge benefit.

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  • NHS & Private Health – Saving ¬£millions on (DNA) missed appointments!
  • Education – Focusing on Pupil/Student Safety – Electronic Register Integration and more.
  • Local Government – Keeping in touch with constituents, e-voting, etc.
  • Housing Associations – Two-way communication with tenants.
  • Legal – Discrete, indispensable message delivery, with full audit trail.
  • Finance/Insurance – Invaluable as a system notification tool and for client communication.
  • Recruitment – New Job Alerts, Timesheet and Interview Reminders and much more.

And if you’re not in one of the sectors above? We can build you a Text Message Solution to integrate perfectly with the systems you already have in place, using our API to custom-build SMS functionality into your application(s), or you could use the software as standard and text to and from your email inbox … simple!

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