Integrated SMS Text Messaging for Housing Associations

SMS Text Messaging for Housing Associations

Improving communication with residents is a key priority for most Housing Trusts and since more than 80% of the population carry a mobile phone, there is no better, cheaper or more immediate way to keep in touch and up to date with residents, than through SMS text messaging.

The ability to contact all mobile phone carrying residents at once, at one twentieth of the cost of writing and posting a letter, is invaluable. With our two-way SMS solutions, residents can also text back a reply, or use the service to ask a question, bid on housing, raise a complaint or notify the association of any relevant issues. These inbound text messages can be set to auto-route to the correct recipient’s text or email inbox.

Text messaging opens up a huge number of possibilities for improved communication for all businesses and organisations, we’ve listed a few ideas for Housing Associations below, but the list really is endless.

  • Rent reminders
  • Maintenance reminders and retrieving instant feedback on repairs
  • Notification of forthcoming events
  • Inbound questions/queries from residents

Improved communication also means that with both residents and contractors being reminded of meetings, time and money is saved by avoiding missed appointments. And whilst there is no hard evidence that SMS reminders are the cause, since installing Text Message Server, a number of our customers are seeing improvements in rent payments being made on time.

Text Message Server works with almost all third-party applications and solutions and messages can be sent and received via ANY standard email software, so minimal training, if any, is required. Alternatively, we can custom-build a system with you, or provide an API for development and integration. Very little user training is required (none if you opt for email integration) and the ROI is quantifiable.

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SMS in Housing Associations – Case Study

SGP Property and Facilities Management is a leading provider of a wide range of services throughout the UK and Ireland, operating a 24/7/365 helpdesk to cover over 50,000 properties.

Keeping contractors and clients up-to-date used to mean using a phone call, which could be both expensive and intrusive, particularly in the middle of the night.

SGP used Text Message Server to build a full rules-based notification system which, coupled with RightFax Fax Server Software (also from ProcessFlows), enables work updates to be sent to automatically, via SMS, fax or email.

“The feedback we are getting from our clients, following implementation of this service, has been excellent.” – Lee Pantling, SGP

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