Integrated SMS Text Messaging for Local Government

SMS Text Messaging for Local Government

Recent e-government directives have meant that many public sector bodies are looking at using new technologies to enhance communications and services for their residents.

Local Councils

The e-democracy national project (supported by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister), looks at enhancing local democracy by improving citizen participation and engagement in council matters.

Research shows that over 94% of text messages are read, making SMS one of the most effective ways of communicating in today’s society. Many local councils have recognised this and are using SMS to effectively ‘connect’ with their communities, with the added advantage of reaching those residents who do not have access to the internet, but do have a mobile phone.

Text Message Server is a two-way messaging solution – Messages can be sent and received from the desktop, with incoming messages auto-routed to the intended recipient’s inbox. This could be an email (personal or departmental) inbox, a mobile phone or the supplied Text Message Server client software, or all three.

There are literally hundreds of uses for SMS communication in this sector. By signing up to a bulletin service, constituents can opt to receive regular community messages. Two-way messaging allows for true interaction and the feeling of ‘involvement’ in council decisions. Some ideas:

  • Community Consultation/e-Voting – Are there enough policemen in your area? Text back Yes/No … Public Meeting about By-Pass, 7pm Town Hall …
  • Emergency/Important Announcements – Schools closed due to snow … Vehicle access to Town Centre restricted on Saturday …

Text Message Server works with almost all third-party applications and solutions, including specialist applications from Civica, NonStopGov and Software AG. Alternatively, we can custom-build a system with you, or provide an API for development and integration. Very little user training is required (none if you opt for email integration) and the ROI is quantifiable.

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SMS for the Public Sector – Case Study

A ProcessFlows’ Emergency Text Messaging Alert Solution at Merton Council automatically notifies engineers of any primary computer failures. This is helping to maintain Services and Business Continuity.

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