Integrated SMS Text Messaging for the Recruitment Sector

SMS Text Messaging for the Recruitment Sector

Text messaging is a key communications tool for recruitment agencies across the UK. With over 90% of the UK population carrying a mobile phone, there is no simpler, cost effective way to keep updated, in touch and ahead.

We have worked closely with a number of Recruitment agencies to add this powerful and yet cost-effective messaging medium to their communication process and have highlighted the following uses for SMS:

  • Send job alerts to candidates that match their profile
  • Send interview reminders
  • Send timesheet reminders to employees
  • Send notification of payment to employees
  • Send enquiries to candidates as to their employment status
  • Receive response messages in your inbox from candidates and clients
  • Save hours that would normally be spent calling around potential workers
  • Reduce costs and time of communication between agency staff
  • Offer the worker the opportunity to accept or decline work via text
  • Keep mobile staff updated with text messages rather than costly landline to mobile calls.
  • Reduce the time it takes to contact candidates and cutting the cost it takes to communicate with candidates and employees.

In short, SMS is a perfect communications medium, for both internal and external messaging and, like in other sectors, new uses for this discrete, immediate and traceable message format are being found almost daily.

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