Integrated SMS Text Messaging for the Education Sector

SMS Text Messaging for the Education Sector

The Department for Education and Skills expects all students to achieve an attendance level of at least 90 percent in every school year and individual schools generally expect a much higher level.

We have worked closely with a number of schools to address attendance, focussing on truancy and child welfare. An integrated SMS solution, working automatically with, or alongside, electronic registration systems, enables schools and colleges to check with or notify parents immediately, should their child not attend registration.

Recent studies have shown that as a direct result of using text messaging, some schools are recording a drop in absenteeism by up to 50%. This is clearly an excellent result, but SMS is not only useful for tackling truancy and reducing the cost of associated phone calls -we have schools and colleges using Text Message Server for many other purposes, including the following:

  • Contacting Supply Teachers
  • Coursework and Homework deadline reminders / follow-ups
  • Exam Date Notifications
  • Notifying Parents of Detentions or Poor Behaviour
  • Parent’s Evening / Open Evening / After School Class Notification
  • Student Praise – Good Test Results, Good Behaviour, etc
  • Library Book Availability / Due Back Reminders
  • Equipment Reminders – eg ‘Swimming Tomorrow, dont forget your costume!’
  • Information Subscription – Details of Adult Education, Clubs, etc

Text Message Server integrates with almost any application or system, including SIMS .net, CMIS, SITS:Vision and the Bromcom Electronic Register. SMS messages can be automatically generated and sent, or sent on an ad-hoc basis from the desktop, from within any email system or via the included user interface. There is very little need for training and as this is a two-way messaging solution, SMS messages can be received and routed directly into the intended recipient’s inbox.

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SMS for the Education Sector – Case Study

Brockenhurst College is one of the most successful tertiary and sixth form colleges in the UK. It has an outstanding reputation for sporting excellence and provides a wide educational choice, including A-levels, International Baccalaureate and adult learning courses.SMS messaging service enables tutors to contact pupils quickly and easily, and also provides a solution to handle incoming enquiries, allowing the college to provide a self-service information option for all studentsTo read more please click here.