Integrated SMS Text Messaging for the Finance and Insurance Sector

SMS Text Messaging for Finance and Insurance

In addition to enhancing normal internal and external communications with staff and automating back-end IT processes, SMS brings a huge amount of possibilities for improving customer relations and service – both major factors in customer retention.


There are many ways in which SMS messaging can be used in the insurance arena; not only to keep customers up-to-date with claims, but to also to provide a fast, cost effective messaging solution for mobile staff.

  • Keep customers updated with the progress of their claim or enquiry
  • Send out automatic policy renewal reminders
  • Verify and chase insurance quotes via SMS
  • Replace a business process with SMS to save time and money
  • Integrate SMS messaging into call centre or workflow processes
  • Use for Marketing additional services – Accident and legal assistance, etc


With the obvious necessities of keeping financial computers systems ‘live’, there are a large number of IT departments in this sector using automated alerting tools for notification of hardware and/or software failure – We can supply (and have already) SMS solutions that poll systems to make sure everything is running correctly and then send warning text messages to administrators in the event of a problem. Importantly, text messages are always deliverable, unlike emails, even when your internet access isnt working (requires optional GSM modem, also available from ProcessFlows).

Outside of ‘the server room’, the financial arena is very competitive and offering a truly up-to-the-minute service can help to retain and expand the customer base.

  • Automated bank account details, balances, payments cleared, mini statements etc
  • Loan or mortgage approval notifications
  • Share prices can be ‘texted’ automatically when any specified percentage changes or max/min values occur
  • Notification of changes to currency values
  • IFAs can check on current mortgage rates from lenders

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