Integrated SMS Text Messaging for the Legal Sector

SMS Text Messaging for the Legal Sector

From our survey, held in conjunction with LegalIT Magazine, we know that many law firms already use some form of text messaging service in their IT departments, for system event notification. However, some firms are far more advanced in their deployment of text messaging services. In some cases, SMS has become a client-facing technology, while in others it has been adopted as a means of informing and updating an increasingly mobile work force.

Whilst useful as a back-up or alternative to email, SMS is an excellent, discrete and immediate messaging medium, for situations where there is a need to get an urgent message to a partner or associate who is in a “do not disturb” situation – in court perhaps, or during an important client meeting.

Text message notification is a service that some law firms – primarily those dealing in conveyancing, personal injury and other ‘low-value’ work – are now offering clients. The value it adds to their business is obvious: clients are kept up-to-date with regards to their case, matter or transaction, and the firm reaps the benefits of not having to field so many routine enquiries that eat into their profit margins. For a law firm that is seriously interested in becoming a large retail law provider, there is little question that automatic updates and notifications are worthwhile.

In short, it would seem that the Legal Sector is already embracing SMS as a communications medium, for both internal and external messaging and, like in other sectors, new uses for this discrete, immediate and traceable message format are being found almost daily.

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SMS in the Legal Sector – Case Study

Wragge & Co is a UK-headquartered international law firm providing a full service to clients worldwide.

The firm offers a partner-led service, which is backed up and supported by more than 1,000 people.

Text Message Server is being used to send and receive SMS messages from within Microsoft Outlook.

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