Integrated SMS Text Messaging for the NHS and Private Health Sector

SMS Text Messaging for the NHS and Private Health Sector

Missed appointments are a huge problem in the health sector. Millions of people every year just don’t turn up when expected – an official report by MORI puts the figure at a conservative five million. These ‘Did Not Attends’ (DNAs) are not only very expensive and a drain on already tight budgets, but also cause great inefficiency and lead to poor service.

By simply integrating text messaging with the existing PAS System, every organisation, from the local surgery to the county hospital, could save vast amounts of time and money each month. There are, of course, many other ways in which SMS messaging could be of great advantage, we have listed a few below, but the possibilities are almost endless.

  • Appointment Reminders and Notifications – Our Health Sector Text Messaging Solutions integrate with almost all existing Electronic Appointment / PAS systems and we can also custom-build a solution or supply an API if required. SMS messages can be sent from familiar email client software, automatically scheduled and sent via contact database software, or simply sent using the included user-interface. The benefits of setting up automated, scheduled reminders are plainly obvious and this is very simple to do. Patients can even reply via SMS and the message is delivered to the correct recipient’s email or Text Message Server inbox.
  • Stay in contact with Staff – SMS messages are the quickest way to keep in contact with non office-bound staff; GPs, Nurses and Midwives, Bank Staff, Porters, Ambulance Crew and so on, can all be contacted discretely, without the need to ‘leave a message’ or wait for a call-back.
  • Patient Services – In addition to appointment reminders, SMS solutions could also be used for patient services in any number of other situations; Automated text message information systems, Patient Transport booking/confirmation, messages to friends and relations of hospitalised patients, prescription ready for collection notifications and so on.

Text Messaging brings a vast array of possibilities for communications within the health sector and because our solutions integrate with any existing, or future applications, there are no limits to what could be done to improve services and save money.

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SMS for the NHS and Private Health Sector – Case Study

The Royal Free Hospital Hampstead specialises in cancer, neurosciences, HIV and liver, kidney and bone marrow transplantation. The hospital has a long history; it was founded in 1828 to provide free hospital care to those who could not afford treatment.Text Message Server is being used as part of an automated appointment booking system.Patients are offered three appointments over a 48 hour period by text. The user is then able to respond and select the most convenient appointment. The caller’s number is used to generate a temporary patient reference number and the appointment is simultaneously confirmed by text with a booking reference. When the patient attends the clinic, the patient number and booking reference is able to be confirmed.To read more please click here.